Personal Work From Up North

I had the pleasure of taking a nice little vacation this week in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a place that I love visiting and have done several times. The unique part of this trip was that I was alone while vacationing! I brought along my camera, several books, and a few movies. This gave me a chance to take my camera and enjoy exploring the wonderful peacefulness that abounds in such a place. I simply wanted to share with you some of the more interesting pictures from my time in the north woods. I hope you enjoy them! 


Tim & Kelly’s Engagement Session

The other weekend I had a really great engagement session and I really enjoyed photographing the couple! Tim and Kelly’s wedding is in just a few weeks, but they don’t live in the area, so since they were in town, we decided to sneak in an engagement session! 

When I brought up the idea of a last minute engagement session, both Tim and Kelly were enthusiastic! Immediately Tim suggested that we go out and photograph around the campus of St. John’s University, which I completely supported! St. John’s has long been one of my favorite places around the St. Cloud area to go for portrait sessions, because of many lovely trails, textures, and a cool bridge or two! 

We fit the session in on an early Sunday afternoon around 2:00 PM, which is certainly not my favorite time to photograph, but clearly it didn’t prevent an awesome session! The one place I was excited to shoot, an iron bridge crossing a lake behind St. Johns, was in full mid-day sun, however, so we ventured to other areas of campus. The backside of one of the brick buildings turned out especially lovely. It was covered in ivy and another building next to us was giving us the effect of a large reflector, basking Tim and Kelly in wonderfully soft light. 

After heading over to the main St. John’s lake and photographing at the trails there, we then proceeded to walk the woodland trails and searched out a lovely stone bridge tucked in the woods. Overall, it was a delightful session and everybody had a great time. I truly am looking forward to photographing Tim and Kelly’s wedding at the end of the month!  

Eyes into the Small Business: A New Series

If you scroll through the previous posts on this page, it is clear to see that I’ve done poorly at writing new entries. However, I have decided that it is time for this to change, so I am announcing a new series of blog posts over the next few months that will chronicle my journey in starting a new business and working to become a full time, professional photographer. Not only will this be something I look forward to passionately writing about, but it also reflects my business ethic of sharing my knowledge (no business secrets!) and operating openly and fairly.  I look forward to sharing the artistic and business processes I will be going through over the next few months, and I hope that I can return to the realm of consistent, engaged blogging. 

Seeing Like A Traveler

I love traveling to new places with my camera. Walking unknown streets and hiking undiscovered hills makes everything fresh, and seeing possibilities through your lens is so much easier.You know what you find exciting and interesting, because it’s what you’re already marveling at.

That being said, I’m not what most would consider an experienced traveler.The pictures here are from my one and only trip abroad, a recent month long journey through Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The trip was amazing, enlightening, awe-inspiring, and more. It also made me realize that I will so rarely be able to experience trips like this, simply due to lack of funds and time. However, I consider myself an expert at adventure in my own backyard. I love to go take my camera out into the familiar and try to see with a foreign eye.

One of the greatest joys of photography is that you continuously appreciate the simplest of things. On my trip through the Balkan states I photographed everything new and mysterious, but every other day I like to think of my goal as seeing the ordinary as extraordinary.


Tackling My Weaknesses

For a long time, perhaps my greatest weakness has been that I don’t actually act on what I want to do. I have many, many ideas for great photos speeding through my head, but I so rarely act on them. I have decided that it is time to really start doing what I love daily.

I am going to try to get out more and take pictures more, rather than just thinking, talking, and reading about it. So, I took my first step earlier today. I had an extra hour before dinner, so I took out my macro lens, camera, and tripod, and hiked into the woods. Just me and my gear, searching for something beautiful. Springtime is my favorite season, and this reminded me that there are few things that are more wonderful than a springtime adventure with my camera. Of course, not every picture I take will end up in a portfolio, but that’s okay. In fact that’s good, because I photographed today because I love to take pictures. They weren’t for a client, for a book, a portfolio, or anybody. They were for me and for the simple, wonderful love of photography.


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